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May 24 (7 days ago)
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Dân Chính Media – kính đề nghị thân hào nhân sĩ & bằng hữu & đồng hương tiếp tục print out và ký tên gửi đến TTK Ban Ki Moon và TT Barack Obama … One does one’s task  by launching an international operation against Neo-fascist Chinese leaders in Beijing – We should call it – A Stamp for The International World Order and Justice (Chiến dịch – Một con tem vì trật tự và công lý thế giới)








To President Barack Obama

White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW,

Washington, DC 20500

From: Mr. Mrs. Ms.

Add: …………………………


Tel:                                Email:


Ref: Chinese HD 981 Oil Rig installment is an act of invasion, and of trample on international law



Dear Mr. President of the United States

Honorable Senators and Congress members


Based on what China recently transgressed and poached on Vietnamese territorial waters and its neighboring nations including Philippines, we absolutely call for an international action against the Chinese HD 981 Oil Rig installment within the 200 mile exclusive economic zone of Vietnamese maritime waters. This is an act of invasion within Vietnamese territorial waters, and, of trample on international customs and laws.


We, human being and community of civilized nations, do not allow China – the neo-fascism of Beijing – to arbitrarily poach, encroach, and steal national resources from other countries.


The silence of international community will create the worst precedent that will harm the world order, and peace, and sustained development.


We really want all of you – responsible powers – to act right now and prevent us from being victims of the collapse of International justice.


We want the United Nations and its members to create the United Nations Maritime Police (UNMP) and to equip these special units with satellites and modern vessels supervising the East Sea (called Biển Đông). Particularly, tell Chinese leaders to stop acting as hegemonic Neo-fascists. There will have no place for them in a civilized world and United Nations Security Council (UNSC)”.


Best regards,






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Tiến sĩ Lê Phước Sang ký tên vào World Message.jpg

James TP Vu signs petition.JPG

Huyền Tâm Huỳnh Long Giang signed World Message.jpg

Message warning the Neo fascism of China – BKM- final.doc


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