Vietnamese government continues to violate the right to religious freedom of Hoa Hao Buddhists

Vietnamese government continues to violate the right to religious freedom of Hoa Hao Buddhists

Trần Thị Nga * Translate by Jasmine Tran (Danlambao) – Each year, the 18th of the fifth lunar month marks the Founding Anniversary of Hoa Hao Buddhism by the Prophet Huynh Phu So. This is one of the three main annual holy events of the Hoa Hao Church.

On the 12th of June (the 15th of the fifth lunar month) 2014, three days before the Founding Anniversary, the Communist government arranged police and hired thugs to surround, threaten, and oppress Hoa Hao followers at their own houses. They were forced into submission, and thus were unable to organize the celebration, let alone to participate in it.
Trần Thanh Giang, who is a Hoa Hao follower residing at 50/1A Chợ Mới town (Chợ Mới district, An Giang province) has been intimidated and menaced at his own house, leaving him unable to leave for food or the bathroom (as he has no onsite toilet facilities).
Võ Văn Bửu, Tám Luốt and Sáu Sóc (from Master Năm Liêm’s Quang Minh Pagoda) were encircled by police and thugs too; however, they were able to leave for food under the control of 5 or 6 police.
In Chợ Mới An Giang district, Tống Văn Chính’s house has been completely surrounded and blocked by securities and thugs, with no one allowed in or out. It was the place chosen by the Hoa Hao followers in recent years to celebrate the Founding Anniversary on the 15th of the Fifth lunar month.
Tống Văn Chính speaks about the police force surrounding his house:
People from the area where police installed the guard-posts over the Hoa Hao Buddhists’ families reported what they had heard from police: “This comes from an order of the Ministry of Public Security. They want to stop the Hoa Hao Buddhists from organising the Founding Anniversary of Hoa Hao Buddhism as the Party and the Government are afraid that Hoa Hao Buddhists could use this holy event to demonstrate their patriotism, and protest against the Chinese invasion in Vietnam.”
Vietnam’s fate is in danger as China has already invaded its sea and islands. The cowardly Vietnamese government, fearful of its invader, did not act to protect the country or its people. Instead, they gathered thousands of police and thugs to harass their citizens, isolating them, threatening them, violating their rights to religious freedom; only to prevent these citizens from protesting against the Chinese invader?
12 June 2014 (15th of the Fifth lunar month)
Trần Thị Nga

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